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Slowpitch Softball

NanoTek® SP Alpha

Slowpitch Softball - Balanced

The Anderson NanoTek SP Alpha Slowpitch Softball Bat is a balanced bat.  The NSP-A is designed to take advantage of a lower MOI, and the improved batspeed with less effort that goes along with that, without sacrificing the long-ball performance.  The LaunchPad barrel and FlexLink handle move the weight where it works best, right behind the ball.  You don’t have to break this bat in; it's already hot.  Strip the wrapper off and go deep.

NanoTek Features

  • The all-metal LaunchPad barrel design starts by taking all of the excess weight out of the barrel extremities and adding it back in the form of a proprietary nano-metal alloy in the place where it will do the most good; behind the ball at contact.
  • The stiffness of the Composite Handle is specifically tuned to match the mass and balance of the all-metal barrel.
  • The 2-piece FlexLink design incorporates an independently designed composite handle and an independently designed PowerArch barrel.  When combined, the result is a bat that has superior feel, superior performance and a truly unique hitting experience.
  • The Ultra-Thin Handle is designed to maximize batspeed by allowing the handle to fit nicely into the batter’s fingers rather than in the palms of their hands.  It is designed thin to make it easily customizable for each hitter.  You can make the handle bigger by adding a thicker grip, but you cannot make it smaller once it is formed.
  • The Thin Sport Grip provides a tacky feel and supports the thin handle design by making the handle as thin as possible.  The Sport Grip allows those that want a thicker handle to be able to simply overwrap it with another grip or with tape to customize the fit of their Anderson bat.
  • The patented Weldless-Ergonomic Knob adds weight where it is transparent to the swing.  It improves the balance of the bat and maximizes the MOI while adding the additional distance that only mass in the right place can give you.  The construction is patented and the shape of the ergonomic knob was designed in cooperation with a team of orthopedic surgeons to provide a safer, more comfortable feel.
  • The TruFlex Toughened-Lightweight Cap adds to the performance and feel of the bat by providing the support in the end of the bat necessary to maximize the energy transfer of the barrel to the ball while maintaining just enough flex to control the amount of vibration created at contact.  The reduced weight in the cap improves the bat’s MOI.
  • A reduced Moment of Inertia (the effort necessary to swing the bat) is the object of all of the weight manipulation included in the overall design and the design of every component used in an Anderson bat.  This attention to the structural details makes it possible to swing a heavier bat with less effort.  A quicker, more powerful swing makes it possible to provide each and every player with Game Improvement by Design.
Balanced Two-Piece,
NanoTek® Barrel, Composite Handle Softball Bat
Model Weight Length
0110303426 0110303427 0110303428 0110303429 0110303430 26 oz.
27 oz.
28 oz.
29 oz.
30 oz.
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